Become a Member


How fun that you are checking out how to become a member! The current price is 180kr for both the winter semester and for the spring semester, and 100 kr for only the latter. It is simple to become a member. The most common alternative is to come to the “rondellen” event at the start of the semester. Smålands Nation will provide you with music and other stuff at the event. Don’t miss it! :)

If you happen to miss the event at the start of the semester, then send an email to anyone of us on the board, or send a message to our Facebook Page.

There is also a third alternative. If you are going to one of our sittnings, then you will be able to buy a membership directly from us while you are buying the ticket to the sittning. Doing so, we will even give you discount for the ticket to the sittning!

At Smålands Nation we cherish culture. It says in our statutes that we are to spread culture on Campus, and that is exactly what we are working hard to do! We work hard to attract interesting bands, we work hard to arrange fun cultural activities, and we work hard to make sure that the students get some more culture in their life. We aren’t saying that culture is life, but we are saying that culture is an important part of life.

By becoming a member you will get the following benefits:

  • You are helping our strive to cherish the culture on Campus.
  • You get discounts on all of our events.
  • You get to lease our PA to a reduced price.
  • With the app “cardskipper” you are allowed to enter both Sivans and Slottsstallarna.
  • You get a hug from anyone on the board.